Nature on Microscopy

A whole issue of Nature this week with some free articles on microscopy – advances, futures etc.

Check out the articles here.


Malty Goodness

In a generous post-launch gesture Thistle Scientific Ltd. has donated a bottle of 12 year old Glenlivet single malt as fifth prize. Cheers Angus Gleig!The-Glenlivet-12YO-lg.jpg

Image Competitions

There are some amazing science-related images out there on the internet. The most famous and some might say, prestigious, microscopy-oriented competition is the Nikon Small World Competition which has been going since 1974. The subject matter is not limited to biological material – the only stipulation that the image is generated using some form of microscopy (low or high end). The images that get shortlisted every year are simply stunning.
Our very own Paul Appleton (Division of Cell and Developmental Biology) won first prize in 2006 with a beautiful and technically brilliant 2-photon image of mouse colon. 1st2006large

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New 4th Prize option for the non-cell biologists

Because the competition is open to a wide range of disciplines across the colleges we have made a decision to offer an alternative to Nature Cell Biology as the 4th Prize – namely a 1 yr subscription to The Lancet.


Appearing on a toilet door near you. OK maybe also the odd pinboard as well. You see it here first. Feel free to downlaod and print and plaster above the microscopes etc.

VOD poster

VOD poster

The main website is now live!!

At last we make a step closer to launch….
Check out the competition website here.

So all that remains is to do is alert everyone in the Colleges to get on their computers, microscopes and get taking and making images!!

That requires mailing lists i.e. the help of the secretaries.

Oh and make some posters ready (design ongoing in the evenings).


Everything cost money. It’s a fact of life. So based on the interest generated in previous years we sought corporate sponsorship to cover the prizes, cost of printing and framing, the prize award ceremony, fliers, posters etc etc. Companies once again have been very helpful which means we have enhanced the cash prizes and also have a nice initiative for Ph.D students where the Ph.D student with the best image will be awarded £300 to go towards a conference of their choice (it has to be scientific not a conference on the numbers of grains of sand per cubic cm on an Ibizan beach). It’s a great idea because some studentships don’t have a lot of travel money.
Invitrogen also have a special promotional code a 30% discount on Alexa Dye based products. So you can use some of their bright shiny dyes for your glorious immunofluorescence images at reduced cost. They also offered to print up T-shirts of the 1st prize image for the winning lab.

our kind sponsors

our kind sponsors