Finally the day approaches…12th November!

So sorry for all the eager people out there wanting to hear what is happening – no we haven’t trousered the sponsor money and gone off on a nice cruise around the med, tempting though that is.

The delay has been for a number of logistical reasons and a disjoined communication channel. Either way the University is now fully committed to getting this exhibition off the ground and they have been really helpful.

Design Services are doing a sterling job of pulling this off with only 2 weeks notice (yes we have had only two weeks notice aswell ). Huge thanks to Tara Wainwright and Gordon Keir in Design Services – it’s going to be a really great professional production. Thanks also to Leanne Wallace in Events for making this all happen.

Plus it is in the lovely Dalhousie Building and will be open to the Public.

The exhibition will run to January 2010. So if you can’t make the wine and nibbles launch event at 5.30-7:00 on the 12th then please drop down some other time and feel free to comment on this blog about the images.


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